Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Sunpower Pool Pump Solarworld Module


For many home owners in the Caribbean, the swimming pool can be half of the overall energy consumption, especially when the home is only occupied part of the year. The pool pump runs all year unlike other services

A Solar Powered Pool Pump is simple, self-contained and very efficient. No permission is required from the utility, no planning permission, and installation is relativily simply.

Using a small array of solar modules, the DC pool pump will have ample electricity to run all day using free, clean renewable energy from the sun. 

Solar Pool Systems can save the Caribbean home owner as much as $200/ month. That means you can achieve pay back in one year in a Caribbean location.

Professional installation is available to ensure you get the highest performance from your system.

What's more, with variable speed, a brushless motor and no friction, solar pool pumps are maintenance free and can generally last 10 to 15 years or more. That's three to four times the life span of a conventional pool pump - which runs hard and burns electricity during its entire cycle.

  • The most cost effective use of solar electricity
  • Completely eliminates the 2nd largest load on your electric bill
  • Low maintenance, simple setup, few components
  • Naturally works longer hours in the summer, when you need it most
  • Uses less than 50% of the energy of a conventional pump

And the best part, you don't need permission to install it! Call us today on 264.235.5670 or use the link below to get more information.

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Caribbean Solar Pool Pumps save money


Your pool pump is your home's second-largest energy consumer. It accounts for 11,500 pounds of pollutants every year.

Using Solar Energy Saves Money!

Using a solar pool pump in the Caribbean Islands will eliminate the use of your standard electricity guzzling AC pump. Because a standard AC pump is typically the second largest load ( after Air Conditioning) in a Caribbean villa, you will begin to see savings immediately as your system begin to pay for itself!

The Caribbean has some of the highest rates anywhere so payback is very quick.