Solar Pool Heating

Solar Panel installation


Free Heat!

Our solar pool heaters harvest the sun's energy to heat your pool every time your pool pump runs. For no additional energy cost, you can enjoy a warm pool year round. Forget expensive electric or propane heaters.

While some Caribbean pools may be warm enough without heat, if your pool is in an exposed location, the wind will cool the pool until it is quite chilly in winter, which is when we in the Caribbean see see the most visitors.

Rental Villas

For anyone who thinks a pool in the pool doesn't need heating, it is the number one complaint we hear from villa rental guests each year. Many of the luxury villa agencies will not consider a luxury property unless the pool is heated.

As the majority of our guests visit as at the coldest time of the year, a warm pool is an inexpensive way to ensure teh comfort of your guests and return bookings. Warm pools make happy guests!

Our Product



Flexible collectors are assembled from a header pipe and a tubing strip. The flexibility allows use directly on a flat roof in a freezing climate. It also allows us to glue it directly to wavy s-tile roofs so very common in the big solar markets. We're also able to fit these systems where regular polypropylene grid style collectors (like our Powerpro) can't make good use of available space. You don't need a "good roof" for solar panels anymore. Powerstrip adapts to the space available.

Our experienced installers can complete your installation in 1 to 2 days in most cases. We will provide you with a complete quote tailored to your needs, not a one-size fits all internet package. Our technology is the best in the business.

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